The Last Guardian

Photos by: Table Topography



Art Book
Steel case
Collectors box


This particular Collectors was one I was really looking forward to. This game became very personal to me as I eagerly awaited its release. While the game did not disappoint, the statue was sort of a let down. The little boy which comes with the statue does just that. It's not part of the figure but comes separate and feels cheaply made. The boy seems like a complete after thought and because of his lack of detail resembles a plastic grocery store toy from a gum ball machine. He must be attached by inserting the two small pegs on the bottom of his feet, to holes on the beast's head. This leads to him easily becoming loose or tilting over to the side.

The beast portion however is the complete opposite. It looks and feels very well made and thought through. The beast is very detailed and bares an outstanding resemblance to the fully realized version in the game.