E3 2017 - EA Recap

This year EA kicked off E3 saturday night and gave us a little of what we’ve asked for, more of the same and something we’re pretty sure we weren’t looking for again. 


They started off by showing the next expansion in the Battlefield 1 universe with the “In the Name of the Tsar” DLC. 

To be expected, EA showed off it’s impressive line up of sports titles including Madden and Fifa 18. What came as surprise however was the return of NBA Live! Yes, EA will once again be returning to the NBA this year after taking some time off to think about what they’ve done. The reception from previous NBA Live fans has been pretty lack luster and has left much to be desired when compared to its direct competition NBA 2K. 

EA can only hope its slew of game play changes will make its time in the corner worth while. 

This time around NBA Live is boasting it my basketball world called THE ONE. This mode, on the surface looks to be a my player like mode, where players will take their character through different leagues both street and professional. Players will choose the Street features 5 vs 5 pick up games in real world locations, while the league will be regular NBA style. The object of The One appears to be centered around your characters legacy and focuses on earning reputations based on decision making and progress. Speaks volumes of todays NBA, where the term legacy is thrown around a lot. 

EA has announced a free demo due out in August which will let players start their The One mode and transfer all progress to the official release game this fall.