2016 Games of the Year

2016 was pretty rough, but we can all agree that it was great for video games. After some soul searching and reflexing, the team here has come up with their favorite games of 2016.

Gerry  - Doom 

 In a landscape of shooters Doom made me care about a single player campaign again. I originally had written it off as just another instance of a company going back to the well and rehashing a title we all knew and loved from a time past. Good god was I wrong. Doom takes everything you imagined from the demonic world in the 16 bit era, brings it shrieking to the current gen and punches you in the face with it. The game adds new enemies and weapons (all of which are upgradable) as you progress. This makes what would seem like an endless maze of corridors and kill rooms, into instead some of the most satisfying arenas of death that remain both fresh and fun. With plenty of hidden items and power ups Doom definitely has a lot to offer along with a chilling atmosphere.

Ben - Overwatch

Overwatch is a good mix between casual and competitive. There is a lot of customization involved. It’s a great multiplayer party like game that’s online.
There’s been a weird lull in fun party games. You either have your casual couch party games, that are fun in person, like fighters. Then there’s your competitive serious multiplayer games. So for a shooter to be both is an achievement.

Pete - Pokemon Sun/Moon

After being underwhelmed by the other Pokémon 3DS offerings, Pokémon Moon has pulled me back in and makes me feel like its 1996 all over again. Pokémon Sun/Moon has a new Hawaiian-esque setting with a new formula to replace the old 8 Gym standard, plus countless ease of play improvements making it one of the newest and freshest feeling entries in an old series. I picked it up on launch day and haven't found a reason to take it out of my 3DS since.

Wilson - Battlefield 1

The thing I loved most about Battlefield this year is it decided to shine brightest in a year where Cod decided to come in at it’s lowest. That being said the co-op aspect is what I loved the most about it. Being able to enter a large scale battle and become almost ineffective on your own but by comparison be able to turn the tide when you and your friends work together made it the most refreshing. Battlefield one requires a certain level of skill to accomplish the tasks of not just killing enemies but achieving set tasks.

Corey - Dark Souls 3

With Dark Souls 2 being a step in a different (and not all together bad) direction, Dark Souls 3 was a refreshing return form for the series. While the single player experience and boss battles are very well done, the multiplayer is it's crowning achievement. I'd say roughly 3/4's of my 700+ hours have been spent either pvping or co-oping, and some of my best memories come from 5 player shitstorms in Farron Keep and Irithyll gankfests with my buds.

Zahid - Foza Horizon 3

The game took the dynamics of realistic driving and sprinkled in a little arcade. The incredible details of every line, shape, the reflection of cars, the breathtaking views of the landscapes; this open world game became my escape. I spend more time enjoying the views and cruising with friends than I do racing. While you play you'll find that you have total control. You decide what order you race, when you race, and what car you race.

The changing environment of the game is beautiful. You'll find beaches, a city on the water with tight turns and heavy traffic, an arid dessert with long stretches of sand dunes and straightaways, and there's a rainforest - where the weather is so unpredictable one turn could be dry while the next is wet. 

The game gives all you racing gamers an experience you can brag about. 

Paul - Hitman 

The episodic hitman series is probably the best (if not the best) stealth game to come out in the past couple years. The game is made in a way where there isn't any wrong way to play. For example, you can play the game in its default setting where it tells you where every opportunity is and that's completely fine, but if you turn all of those things off, you'll have a difficult and (for me anyway) more rewarding play experience.

So there you have it. The games that totally rocked 2016 for us. Do you agree? Was there something we missed, that totally made the year for you? Drop us a line and maybe we'll take your hidden gem for a spin.