Digital Recess was built on the foundation that gaming, while a hobby, can some times be a part of life. Many other publications pride themselves on providing a source of information fast and first. While that is a valid stance, we pride ourselves on giving our readers a very honest point of view. Our goal is to communicate. By being honest and true to you, we hope that our stances and ideas will align and become valued. We encourage you to let us know what your thoughts are, so a very genuine discussion about our hobby can be cultivated. 

At Digital Recess you will find a number of aspects of gaming that we all here find interesting. Feel free to let us know what you might like or not like, what you might want to see more of. 

By definition Recess is a withdrawal from the usual work or activity. As such we all find the best break from everyday life to be cuddled up with a good escape into a digital play ground.

Welcome to Digital Recess.

Gerry Martelly, Founder

Corey Dickinson, Staff Writer

Pete Lambro, Staff Writer 

Paul Masbad, Staff Writer/Video editor

Contributors:  Zahid "Paki" Masud, Wilson Laforest, John Gore
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